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    Helping people from around the world to pursue their American dreams, the Law Offices of Gopal Shah is a boutique Immigration law practice conveniently located in downtown Berkeley, CA. We provide efficient, personalized and comprehensive legal services to individuals, families, and small businesses by using latest legal technologies.

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    You may be in the United States already or you may be preparing to come either way, we are here to help make sure your path to remain or get here is as free as obstacles as possible. When challenges arise, we at the Law Offices of Gopal Shah persevere.

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    You have rights whether you are an American citizen or not. At the Law Offices of Gopal Shah, we fight to uphold these rights. We work closely with you so you are informed and make the right decisions about your case, whether it’s applying for a visa or defending you against deportation.

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About Us

The Gopal Shah Immigration PC believes that the beauty of the United States is found in its people who have come from all over the world making this place their home. Whether you want to make America your home, want to visit temporarily, or want to fight to stay, we are here for you.

Focused On Immigration Law

Gopal Shah's law practice is exclusively devoted to Immigration. He provides services in a wide range of areas, including:

  • various Immigration visas
  • green cards
  • naturalization
  • asylum
  • removal and deportation defense.

Our successes at the Gopal Shah Immigration PC are derived from the combination of:

  • extensive experience practicing Immigration law;
  • thorough knowledge of the Immigration system;
  • using advanced legal technology;
  • staying up-to-date in an area of law that is constantly changing and complicated; and
  • a committed team who works tirelessly.

Treated Like Family

We treat you like family. We listen to you. We develop a plan for you. We care about the outcome and that shows in the legal services we provide to you. We've been there ourselves. We have met countless numbers of people throughout the years, and each one has touched us in some way. It's our hope we touch your lives, too, through the services we provide and how we provide them.

The Help You Deserve

At the Law Offices of Gopal Shah, we focus on Immigration law only. We are here to help you navigate the complex U.S. Immigration system. Contact Gopal Shah today.


We at the Law Offices of Gopal Shah are committed to answering your questions about your Immigration law issues.

Attorney Gopal Shah offers personalized paid consultations to answer your Immigration questions or evaluate your case. He will listen to your immigration story and let you know how he can address your needs specifically. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.