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Why do we charge for Consultation?

We are serious about our work and we care about our clients. When we set up a Consultation, an actual lawyer meets with you. We have set up an easy and convenient process to reach out and talk to an actual lawyer by using various legal technologies. We spend substantial time to learn about your case and try to figure out Immigrations options available for you. We review your documents and give you proper legal advice. Giving legal advice comes with ethical consequences for lawyers. We also want to fairly compensate for our time, money, and resources spent in this process. 

If you like to set up a consultation, please click on the above link, and choose your date and time for the consultation at your convenience.  


    We at the Law Offices of Gopal Shah are committed to answering your questions about your Immigration law issues.

    Attorney Gopal Shah offers personalized paid consultations to answer your Immigration questions or evaluate your case. He will listen to your immigration story and let you know how he can address your needs specifically. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.